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Welcome on the first blog post of the “BEAN THERE” series ! It will feature coffeeshops reviews and coffee experiences outside home.

Tokyo folks have been blessed with a brand new coffee experience since the beginning of 2021 and I, of course, had to go there and see for myself !
If you’re not familiar with the Tokyo coffee scene, I must first introduce you to

As suggested by the name in japanese ( “mame” – bean / “ya” – shop), KOFFEE MAMEYA is more of a coffee beans shop than of an actual cafe. Located in Omotesando district, it’s only a few minutes walk from the station.
Once you find the wabi-sabi entrance, you will be greeted by coffee specialists dressed in white coats behind a counter. After doing a little chat over your coffee knowledge, they’ll guide/help you choose from their beans selection the one that could best fit your needs, either you wish to buy a bag or take a cup to go. From my memory, they have over a dozen choices of single origins coming from the best roasters of Australia, South Korea.. The line can get crowded pretty fast on weekends but if you’re taking a walk in the district, it is nice stopping by for a coffee break.

Sakura – 3 mn walk from Koffee Mameya Kakeru

Now. It’s 2021, we had to go over a few lockdowns in the past year, many shops have closed or had to reduce their working hours & the opportunity of doing cafe-hopping have been close to zero for my part. So when I heard about the opening of a new style coffee experience called “Koffee Mameya Kakeru near the Sky Tree, I booked a spot right away !

How is Kakeru offering a “new” experience and how is it different from their first shop or a simple cafe ?

You do not have to book (but it is highly recommended, especially in pandemic times to be sure to save your spot). You can just buy beans, have a drink, try their sweets menu or take a coffee course. Now what makes it highly interesting is that you get the fine dining experience but for coffee.
The specialists are really taking the time to share their knowledge bits with you and personal experiences with coffee over the world. They do speak english so don’t be scared to ask if you do not feel comfortable in japanese.

They won’t make you feel little if you don’t know much about specialty coffee and this is something I’d love to see more in this industry.

As a coffee lover and specialist myself, I decided on the ” Farmer Course” for the full experience. It is the most expensive one at the moment (4000¥); it includes cold brew/espresso/Special latte and sweet pairing, all of the same single origin. The beans lineup for this menu changes regularly.
After being presented by a small cup of cold brew of the 2 Colombian selected for this month, I chose the one I liked the most for the full menu and with no surprise, it was also the most expensive !
Colombia Las Margaritas Sudan Rume by Code Black

Right after grind, to smell.

I find it quite fun to try the same coffee in various brew methods so you can really taste all the flavors it has to offer. If you’re weak on caffeine, munch on something before coming. However, you get small amounts in each cup and it shouldn’t make your stomach upset. And remember, you don’t have to go for a full coffee course, you can pick a cocktail or their cheesecake and just enjoy the place.

All the cups/glassware were in pitch black and that was very amusing because I could not have any expectation I would usually have when seeing the brew. Losing the “view sense” made me fully commit on the “taste” one.
The arranged drink was an iced coffee & the barista sprayed a secret mix on top of the glass, adding a sweet (maybe a bit too much for me) sakura/ume touch. With the creamy latte & citrusy espresso, I was served some fruit paste; the pairing was to die for !! One was raspberry/rose from my memory and the other orange. It enlightened the coffee natural flavors, a perfect match.

Regardless how you come (dressed-up or in flip-flops, I actually witnessed it !), you get a thoughtful service. Every person going there is most likely a coffee lover so it encourages conversation with strangers. I believe it’s also a great opportunity to try expensive or rare coffee you wouldn’t buy by the bag. I would definitely bring a friend beginning into the coffee world for a nice immersion.
(You can take pictures and ask for videos. )
They are organizing collaborations with famous baristas and patissiers so check their Instagram for news releases.

I was super excited to try out this place and get my first fine coffee dining experience ! I hope the concept works and we see more of those around the World in the coming years.


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