Hey there !

Welcome on COFFEINE, a blog aimed at every caffeine-lover.
With this freshly brewed website, I wish to create a space of discovery for coffee/tea/chocolate (mostly) aficionados, but also a space to share knowledge and where it’s okay not to know the differences between Arabica & Robusta or what a cultivar is because guess what, we all had to learn somewhere !

COFFEINE will be more coffee-oriented as it’s my main work focus but I will write from time to time about tea & other beverages, as the foodie I am.

“Coffee is a language in itself.”   — Jackie Chan.


The idea of starting this blog journey has been grinding on my mind forever ! I am happy to finally have a place to express my thoughts & share projects with passionate people (like you) I meet along the way.
If I had to describe my position, I’d simply say I am a Tea & Coffee Specialist.
I started as a barista part-time while being a student and one thing leading to another, I created my own profession and became a full time coffee specialist for a startup in Tokyo.
I wish to inspire people in the future to get ambitious & mostly, help people to find their way into coffee/tea worlds without feeling excluded.

Now, let’s get this brew started !
– Pauline

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